Mailing list

The main communication tool we use is a mailing list:

Feel free to ask any kind of questions but always prepend your email subject with “[meta-raspberrypi]”. This is because we use the ‘yocto’ mailing list and not a perticular ‘meta-raspberrypi’ mailing list.

Patches and pull requests

All the contributions should be compliant with the openembedded patch guidelines:

To contribute to this project you should send pull requests to the github mirror ( Additionally you can send the patches for review to the above specified mailing list.

When creating patches for the mailing list, please use something like:

git format-patch -s --subject-prefix='meta-raspberrypi][PATCH' origin

When sending patches to the mailing list, please use something like:

git send-email --to <generated patch>

Github issues

In order to manage and trace the meta-raspberrypi issues, we use github issues:

If you push patches which have a github issue associated, please provide the issue number in the commit log just before “Signed-off-by” line(s). Example line for a bug: [Issue #13]