Layer Contents

Supported Machines

  • raspberrypi

  • raspberrypi0

  • raspberrypi0-wifi

  • raspberrypi0-2w-64

  • raspberrypi2

  • raspberrypi3

  • raspberrypi3-64 (64 bit kernel & userspace)

  • raspberrypi4

  • raspberrypi4-64 (64 bit kernel & userspace)

  • raspberrypi-cm (dummy alias for raspberrypi)

  • raspberrypi-cm3

Note: The raspberrypi3 machines include support for Raspberry Pi 3B+.


  • rpi-test-image

    • Image based on core-image-base which includes most of the packages in this layer and some media samples.

For other uses it’s recommended to base images on core-image-minimal or core-image-base as appropriate.

WiFi and Bluetooth Firmware

Be aware that the WiFi and Bluetooth firmware for the supported boards is not available in the base version of linux-firmware from OE-Core (poky). The files are added from Raspbian repositories in this layer’s bbappends to that recipe. All machines define MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS to include the required wireless firmware; raspberrypi3 supports 3, 3B, and 3B+ and so include multiple firmware packages.